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Getting charged with a crime is scary and disorienting.  The criminal justice system is difficult to navigate and without the proper guidance you can easily feel overwhelmed and powerless- trapped in the firm grip of the government.  Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable attorney like Jennifer is the important first step toward achieving relief in this difficult time.


You NEED an attorney who knows the law and will skillfully stand up to the government on your behalf.  You WANT an attorney who will also stay in touch with you, answer your calls, and keep you up to date on your case. Jennifer Gerstenzang is committed to providing you with both the stellar representation you require and the personal attention you deserve.

Just For You

Jennifer takes the time to understand YOUR priorities because each person she helps has individual needs and concerns. Your situation is unique and requires a particularized approach that suits you.  Jennifer takes to time to listen to your goals and then tailors your defense specifically to meet your needs. 

Let's Talk.  Really. You and Me.

attorney Jennifer GerstenzangGerstenzang Law is all about talking to you, personally. We do not screen your calls. We do not put you on with the secretary.  We do not let you go straight to voicemail.  If you have a question for your attorney then you get to speak to your attorney.  

If Jennifer is in court then she will let you know, and will tell you when she will get back to you. And then she gets back to you.  Your lawyer should not be inaccessible or too busy to talk to you.  My job is not only to zealously defend you and your rights but also to explain the process to you and be your first resource for information, updates, and advice.

So let's get started.  E-mail me to set up an initial consultation or you can call me at 619.356.1445 to start the conversation even sooner.  I can give you an initial evaluation of your situation and you can discover, like so many others already have, that I am the right attorney for you.  



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Criminal Defense

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Traffic Violations

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What Are People Saying?

San Diego Lawyer Jennifer Gerstenzang
(These reviews are taken directly from Avvo and Yelp. You can find more outstanding reviews of Gerstenzang Law at those websites.)

November, 2016 Review:

Above and beyond - Jennifer worked with us to have my husbands license returned, to have two tickets dropped, and represented him in a misdemeanor. Its was painless all the way. He never even had to appear. I wish we could use her for everything! She answered all of our questions and was always accessible.

September, 2016 Review:

I am truly impressed! After meeting with another attorney and feeling like they really didn't have our best interest at heart, we thankfully came across Jennifer and could not have been more impressed at her compassion and tenacity to work hard for us! She seemed like a real person who really cared and knew her profession inside and out. Thank you so much for all of your help!!

March, 2016 Review:

From the beginning to the end Jennifer made sure I understood the entire process, best and worst case scenarios, and what our options were. She is incredibly friendly, and everyone in the court system seems to know and love her. She's intelligent, hard-working, quick to get back to you, thorough, and incredibly kind - but don't be fooled, she comes well-prepared and determined to win. Jenny felt more like a friend by the end of my case than an attorney - so it was a win-win that she also helped save my future by fighting so hard for me! A pleasure to work with, and you really can't say that about many attorneys.

December, 2015 Review:

Jennifer is a fighter who will not give up! She fought our case until we won! I can not express how great full I am with her and her work! She is very knowledge with the courts and the system. She talked me thru every court date we attended and never did I feel uncomfortable, unprepared or alone.

I would never recommend to anyone someone I knew would not bring anything less than quality work, if ever needed of a lawyer again (pray I don't!) I will with out a doubt go to Jennifer again. She is someone who I have NOTHING but RESPECT for.

November, 2015 Review:

Unfortunately, I've hired too many lawyers in the past 5 years, and Jennifer is the ONLY one who gets a 5 star rating from me. She is kind, compassionate and friendly, unlike many of the others. But, don't be fooled, she accomplished EVERYTHING we hired her for, she was aggressive and thorough and went back to court several times over just a few months, until the end goal was accomplished. She spent time with my husband and I and didn't treat us like a paycheck, she listened without looking at her watch, she fully prepared her arguments, she fought for our family (and won) and she kept us informed the whole journey. She was our shining light through dark times, and I would recommend her to any friends or family in need of an amazing lawyer.

September, 2015 Review:

Jennifer Gerstenzang is simply one of the best attorney’s I have ever worked with in my 30 plus years in business. I hired Jennifer to represent my 17 year old son whom we believed had his fourth amendment right violated by the police. As the case involved a minor, I was prepared for a 30-minute hearing with my son receiving some type of community service work sentence and call it a day. To my surprise, that did not turn out to be the case. The prosecutor made a bigger deal of the charges than the event merited. The case went on for three and a half hours and became a constitutional law debate between the judge, prosecutor and Jennifer. She was simply brilliant and more prepared than the prosecutor. She cited case law as far back as 1969 to prove our point. In the end we prevailed and the charges were dropped resulting in the entire case being suppressed. Going into this case we gave ourselves a 1% chance of prevailing as the courts rarely go against police testimony. Jennifer is extremely intelligent, compassionate and driven to succeed. I highly recommend her in any personal law case that anyone may encounter.

August, 2015 Review:

Jennifer has been the best attorney we have ever worked with. Jennifer not only deeply cares for her clients but goes above and beyond to fight for them. We are truly grateful for all her hard work to win our difficult case.

July, 2015 Review

Jennifer helped me get out of a difficult speeding ticket. She built a strong case and took the time needed to get us a win. One the best lawyers who does an amazing job following up and keeping in touch with her clients all through the process. She always goes the extra mile for example even in talking to the officer before trial and collecting city documents including following up with city engineers and anything else needed to get all the facts and be better prepared for our case.
Thank you Jennifer for all you amazing efforts.