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Hi, i'm jennifer

San diego criminal defense lawyer

Welcome to Gerstenzang Law. My name is Jennifer and I am a San Diego criminal defense attorney. My job is not only to zealously defend you and your rights but also to explain the process to you and be your first resource for information, updates, and advice. To do that effectively, I want to get to know you personally.

I understand that every client’s case is unique. Each person who seeks my counsel has individual concerns and goals regarding his or her case. I am committed to listening to these concerns and answering all of your questions.

Together, we will create an individualized defense designed to achieve the best possible result in your case.

Preparing for court

Preparing for Court

An important key to feeling prepared is knowing what to expect. Gerstenzang Law can answer many of your questions and explain the court process so you feel more comfortable with the next steps.

undersTanding Your arrest charges

Arrest Charges

It can be difficult to understand what charges the police arrested you for and what they mean. Possessing a greater understanding of the accusations empowers you to take control over your situation.

Handling Active Arrest Warrants

Arrest Warrants

What do you do when there is a warrant out for your arrest? Instead of hiding your head in the sand, there are actually many things you can do to help your chances of staying out of custody.

Legal coaching

Helping you make sense of and preparing for the judicial system

If you or a loved one are in trouble and facing a criminal charge, legal coaching is an affordable opportunity to help you learn about your options and what to expect from the criminal legal process.

Legal Coaching is an excellent opportunity for family members to gain a clearer idea of what is happening in the judicial system and in their loved ones case. People who are waiting to meet their San Diego Public Defender for the first time can also gain valuable insight into their case through a legal coaching session.

While each situation is different, Legal Coaching sessions are designed to give you a lot of information in a short period of time. Instead of spending hours and days trying to do all the research on your own, criminal defense attorney Jennifer Gerstenzang will give you the information you seek in about 30-60 minutes.


The Gerstenzang Law blog is updated regularly with insightful articles designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions I receive.

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Sedation Dentistry

Feeling nervous about your dental treatment? We offer sedation options for patients feeling particularly fearful or anxious. Call us today at (281) 516-8575 to discuss your needs with Dr. Nguyen and we will make sure your visit is calm and stress-free.

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Gerstenzang Law is honored to serve residents of San Diego county through some of life's most difficult moments. Here is what former clients have to say.

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If you are interested in scheduling legal coaching session or initial criminal defense consultation, use the button below to get started.

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From satisfied Patients

yuri a.

Dr. Nguyen has really showed me how he cares about his patients. He tried reaching me in different ways to explain to me why I was in pain. He has proven to me that every situation is different and his staff is very friendly and nice! I will definitely go back whenever I get the chance.

Monica G.

Wow I am so impressed by the wonderful service that I have received from these guys. Amy has been so wonderfully helpful and just a great person in general. The dental assistance are great but Eliza truly cares about her patients. I truly believe that this group is very well organized and happy doing the work that they do. Dr. Nguyen must be great to work for because the happiness of the staff truly shows it.

Robert b.

the receptionist was kind and courteous in getting me signed up in my dental plan and how it work and it coverages. the technician was very pleasant and the dentist was very informative in the process and dental work i wanted to have done and the correct way to proceed.

Evan w.

Excellent service and environment. Dr Nguyen and his staff do an amazing job. Everything went quick and painlessly, my cleaning was top notch, and my whitening went flawlessly. Highly recommend.

theresa N.

Dr. Nguyen and his staff are very attentive and friendly! I highly recommend! They also use updated tools and machines it seems.

latoya h.

Complete the new client application before you go. It's on their website! Xray and cleaning....I was out in 50 minutes

Criminal Defense

Protecting your constitutional rights

Being charged with a crime is scary and disorienting. The criminal justice system is difficult to navigate and without the proper guidance you can easily feel overwhelmed and powerless - trapped in the firm grip of the government.

Gerstenzang Law offers a range of criminal defense services for defendants facing criminal charges in San Diego county. If you are looking for passionate defense with personal service, schedule a consultation with Gerstenzang Law today.

searching for a san diego criminal defense attorney?

If you are looking for Passionate Representation and Personal Attention, schedule a consultation with Jennifer Gerstenzang today.

HEar what Clients have to say

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John G.

"From the first phone call to the final resolution, Jennifer was proactive, professional, compassionate and effective. If you are looking for one of the best attorneys in SoCal, I strongly suggest reaching out to Jennifer"

Liam C.

“Professional, conscientious and positive throughout the experience. She would always return e-mails and phone calls promptly, and even went to the physical location of my citation and printed out a google map of the landscape to understand the situation more thoroughly. Highly reocmmended.”

Nikki s.

“Jennifer is an incredible defense attorney. She advocates for her clients in a way that is both zealous and compassionate. She takes the time to counsel her clients so that they truly understand their options.”

Michele K.

“Working with Jennifer Gerstenzang is an absolute delight.  Her passion for, and dedication to helping her clients achieve the most desirable outcome is inspiring. Not only is she brilliant, but she truly cares about her clients and makes sure they are treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve..”

Vicki s.

"When I needed laser legal focus through coaching Jennifer was there to help. Her professionalism and caring attitude for her clients is remarkable. I highly recommend this talented legal professional!"