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Whether you are facing an infraction, misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help protect your property and freedom. San Diego criminal defense attorney Jennifer Gerstenzang can design a strategy that may help you avoid unnecessary jail time and/or additional fines.

DUI Defense

A Driving Under the Influence Arrest (DUI) requires immediate legal action. Failure to act could have a major impact on your driving privileges and criminal record.

crimes of mental illness

There are various effective legal defenses and strategies that may be available to fight your traffic ticket.  The particular violation alleged as well as the specific facts regarding the stop will determine how best to prepare for and fight your case.

Crimes of addiction

If you are looking at drug-related charges, you need to be aware of the potential legal consequences. Sitting down with an experienced attorney will help you understand your options going forward and become fully informed about your case.

probation violation

Whether by accident or miscommunication, if you find yourself facing a potential violation, the consequences can be harsh and extremely severe. The judge has discretion to sentence a probationer to serve the remainder of probation in jail or prison as a result of the violation.

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If you have been charged with a crime, you need an attorney who knows the law and will skillfully stand up to the government on your behalf.  You also want an attorney who will also stay in touch with you, answer your calls, and keep you up to date on your case.

Jennifer takes the time to understand your priorities because each person she helps has individual needs and concerns. Your situation is unique and requires a particularized approach that suits you.  Jennifer takes to time to listen to your goals and then tailors your defense specifically to meet your needs.

Gerstenzang Law is committed to providing you with both the stellar representation you require and the personal attention you deserve.

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Gerstenzang Law is all about talking to you, personally. We do not screen your calls. We do not put you on with the secretary.  We do not let you go straight to voicemail.  If you have a question for your attorney then you get to speak to your attorney.

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You may be eligible to have your charges dismissed through san diego coutny's COLLABORATIVE JUSTICE INITIATIVE. download this free guide for more information.

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Give the gift of a clean record this holiday season so that your California loved one can start the new year with a truly fresh start!


Not all traffic tickets are equal. Some can actually be misdemeanors! You may notice that there is an “M” and an “I” to the right of the Vehicle Code violation on your ticket. Often times, an officer will circle the “M” and cite you for a misdemeanor violation. The traffic court, however, may reduce the charge to an infraction.


We have all heard characters on TV being read their Miranda rights by the police. On television, suspects are read these rights by the officer just as the officer places the suspect’s hands behind their back and clicks the handcuffs into place. Because of this, many people understandably, yet mistakenly, believe that if the police officer did not read them the Miranda warnings at the time they are handcuffed, then the officers have violated their rights. People also may think that because of this violation, the entire case must be thrown out!

This article will clarify when an officer is, and is not, obligated to “read you your rights,” and what happens if they do not read them when they should.


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