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Many drug offenses are the result of an individual's struggle with drug addiction. Treatment is a much better alternative to punishment or jail time for an addict as it addresses the underlying cause of the criminal conduct.

Many drug offenses and individuals qualify for diversion programs that emphasize treatment, and it is important to know at the outset of your case whether or not you are eligible for these programs. A drug conviction may remain on your permanent record, you could be sentenced to serve time in jail, be put on probation, and ordered to pay numerous fines and fees. Additionally, if you end up on probation, you will likely be ordered to waive your Fourth Amendment rights, meaning you and your property are subject to search at anytime throughout the entire term of probation.

Drug offenses on your criminal record may significantly impact an employer’s decision to hire you. If you are struggling with drug addiction and charged with a drug offense, hiring an experienced attorney can help.

Are you facing criminal charges for a drug offense?

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what to do after a drug arrest

the first step to protecting your rights is contacting an attorney

The first step when you are looking at drug-related charges is immediately finding a criminal defense attorney. You need to be aware of all the potential consequences of the charges. These vary from case to case depending upon the individual facts and circumstances of the case and of your record. Sitting down with an experienced attorney will help you understand your options going forward and is an imperative step in becoming fully informed about your case.

For current or new offenses, there are several diversion programs you could be eligible for depending upon the nature of the drug offense and your record. An attorney knowledgeable in these programs and the eligibility requirements is essential to making an informed decision in your case.

Available defenses and programs for crimes of addiction

building an effective defense to your drug arrest charges

Even if you are not eligible for a diversion program, there are several defenses to drug charges that are case-specific.

Recently California voters have implemented significant changes in the current state of the law regarding drug charges and drug offenses. However, not all drug charges are effected by these changes. These laws are retroactive and may impact your criminal record.

An experienced attorney can review the police report and look for several legal issues available. If necessary, an attorney will launch a further investigation or demand additional information from the prosecution. An aggressive analysis and investigation can lead to a successful defense at trial or may reveal several mitigating factors to use during negotiations.

Is a loved one facing charges related to their addiction?

To understand what they can expect and what you can do to help, legal coaching offers the answers to your questions.

San Diego Drug offense FAQ's


DUI Fact 1


The first step toward your fresh start is to call Mills Law and schedule your free consultation. You’ll need to bring certain information. During this appointment you’ll meet with David Mills to talk about your concerns, goals, and the details of your financial situation. Based on your assets, liabilities, income and your objectives, we’ll help you decide whether bankruptcy is right for you and, if so, what type (or chapter) of bankruptcy will most help you.

At this point you’ll receive a list of additional information to gather and an outline of the steps needed in order to prepare for bankruptcy filing. We’ll also discuss the cost of the bankruptcy case so that you can make an informed decision.

Once you’ve provided all the needed information we can prepare the required documents for Bankruptcy Court, which you will carefully review to make sure everything is accurate, truthful, and complete. Once you’ve finished this step, your case gets filed.At that point, the automatic stay stops your creditors from calling, writing, or trying to collect from you. The court appoints a trustee to oversee your case and sets up a meeting between you and this trustee. Rest assured you won’t be alone as Mills Law will be with you each and every step along the way. Mr. Mills will attend this meeting where the trustee will ask you a series of questions to make sure the information you’ve provided is honest and accurate.

Once you complete the requirements of the Bankruptcy Court, you’ll receive the discharge, which is the forgiveness of debt, and your case will soon be closed allowing your life to move forward with a clean slate.


DUI Fact 2


When preparing for you free consultation with Mr. Mills, please bring the following documents to help us better understand your picture. If you can’t find all of these items, don’t let that discourage you from coming in. Often we can provide guidance on where this information can be obtained:

1. The most recent bill or statement from each creditor
2. All letters from collection agencies or lawyers
3. Any papers relating to a lawsuit
4. The past 6 months of paystubs
5. The past 2 years of tax returns
5. State ID (such as a driver’s license) and your Social Security card
6. A list of real estate and automobiles you own

Although this is not a complete list of what’s needed should you choose to pursue bankruptcy, it serves as a starting place to help us make an initial analysis of how we can provide the help you need.


DUI Fact 3


If you’ve been making a lot of late payments, or not paying some debts at all, then your credit score has probably already taken a hit, and there’s likely nowhere to go from here but “up.”  Bankruptcy will show up on your credit report for up to 10 years, but ask yourself how long it will take you to dig out of the financial hole you’re in if you don’t file? Getting your debts forgiven in bankruptcy can give you some breathing room and a chance to finally get your feet back on solid ground.


DUI Fact 4


Perhaps it seems ironic, but filing for bankruptcy protection costs money. There are court filing fees, trustee administration fees, attorney fees, credit counseling fees, etc. After learning about the costs involved, some who could benefit from bankruptcy protection may end up wondering, “Can I afford to file bankruptcy?” In a good number of cases where bankruptcy is appropriate, the answer is “yes.” If bankruptcy protection would be beneficial in your case, your bankruptcy attorney can advise you on how to afford it.


DUI Fact 5


Bankruptcy gives many people the opportunity for a financial fresh start. When you work with us, we review your financial situation, look at the options that are available and determine the course of action that best addresses your financial situation.

For many people that is filing Chapter 7, for others it may be Chapter 13 and finally some people are not well served by the bankruptcy process.

After your free initial consultation you will be required to take the means test.The Means Test is a tool that the Bankruptcy court uses to determine if you qualify to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This test uses a complex formula to compare your income, expenses and family size to the median income of similar North Carolina households.

For income levels below state median you will qualify for Chapter 7.  Even if your income is above the state median income you may still qualify for Chapter 7 after a detailed analysis of your financial situation.  For people with income above the state median income Chapter 13 may be an option to provide considerable debt relief.

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