Drug cases in California are serious offenses

A drug conviction can bring with it a myriad of negative effects. It will remain on your permanent record, you could be sentenced to serve time in jail, on probation, and to pay numerous fines and fees. Additionally, if on probation, you will likely be ordered to waive your Fourth Amendment rights and therefore you and your property are subject to search at anytime throughout the entire term of probation. Drug offenses on your criminal record will significantly impact an employer’s decision to hire you.

The first step when you are looking at drug-related charges is immediately finding a criminal defense attorney. You need to be aware of all the potential consequences of the charges. These vary from case to case depending upon the individual facts and circumstances of the case and of your record. Sitting down with an experienced attorney will help you understand your options going forward and is an imperative step in becoming fully informed about your case.

Recently California voters have implemented significant changes in the current state of the law regarding drug charges and drug offenses. However, not all drug charges are effected by these changes. These laws are retroactive and may impact your criminal record. An experienced attorney can examine any prior convictions you may have and evaluate your eligibility for relief under these new laws.

For current or new offenses, there are several diversion programs you could be eligible for depending upon the nature of the drug offense and your record. An attorney knowledgeable in these programs and the eligibility requirements is essential to making an informed decision in your case.

Even if you are not eligible for a diversion program, there are several defenses to drug charges that are case-specific. An experienced attorney can review the police report and look for several legal issues available. If necessary, an attorney will launch a further investigation or demand additional information from the prosecution. An aggressive analysis and investigation can lead to a successful defense at trial or may reveal several mitigating factors to use during negotiations.

Criminal Defense attorney Jennifer Gerstenzang can help you navigate the criminal justice system by actively litigating your case and seeking a dismissal of the drug charges.


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