Legal Coaching Helps You And Your Family Prepare For A Criminal Proceeding.

What is Legal Coaching?

If you think you are going to have a Public Defender as your lawyer, Gerstenzang Law’s legal coaching may be for you! The San Diego Public Defender’s Office is filled with excellent attorneys. However, you will not have a chance to talk to your attorney until your very first court date. This means you may be waiting weeks until you can get any information about your case.

Hiring a private attorney gives people access to information about their charges and ideas for immediate action well before their first court date. You deserve the benefits of early action as well.



While each situation is different, Legal Coaching is designed to give you a lot of information in a short period of time. Instead of spending hours and days trying to do all the research on your own, Gerstenzang Law will give you the information you seek in about 30-60 minutes.

If appropriate, you may be sent home with a "to do" list you can finish on your own. Your coaching session(s) can be tailored to your individual needs, so if you want more than an hour, we can absolutely accommodate you!

Knowledge Is Power

If you have been arrested, especially if it is your first time being in trouble, it can seem like the world has been turned upside down. Quite often, however, the unknown is much more terrifying than the reality of the criminal court process.

While the outstanding attorneys at the San Diego County Public Defender’s Office make certain that everyone in the community receives stellar representation, clients who retain an attorney prior to arraignment are able to have their questions answered long before appearing in court. In fact, they are even able to start collecting information to help their case well before the first court date!

Gerstenzang Law created Legal Coaching to bridge the gap for Public Defender clients waiting for their first court date. Legal Coaching provides individuals waiting for a Public Defender with an easy, quick, and affordable way to get information about the criminal court process, and to prepare them for what to expect as their case moves through the courthouse. Gerstenzang Law’s Legal Coaching provides a private experience at an affordable rate.

Legal Coaching Services

For Every Stage Of The Criminal Process

Preparation For Court Proceedings

An important key to feeling prepared is knowing what to expect. If you have never been to court then you have no point of reference other than television and movies!
What is an arraignment? A readiness conference? Will you have a preliminary hearing? Are you expected to speak to the judge directly? When do you get to the tell the judge your side of the story? Will you be talking to the prosecutor? Could the court serve you with a restraining order? What would that mean?
Gerstenzang Law can answer many of your questions and explain the court process so you feel more comfortable with the next steps. The goal is to help you feel more comfortable with and confident!

Understanding Arrest Charges

It also can be hard to understand what charges the police arrested you for and what they mean. Possessing a greater understanding of the accusations empowers you!
Were you arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony? How would you know? What is the difference? Will your arrest charges be the same when you go to your first court date or can they change? What happens if they change? Can they get better or worse?
Knowing what can happen allows you to prepare for every possible scenario. The judge has the ultimate control in the courtroom. But you have the power to be ready for whatever the judge rules! Knowing what to expect will also help you use your time with your Public Defender more effectively as you will not waste time asking your preliminary questions. Gerstenzang Law can answer these kinds of questions for you and prepare you for the unknown!

Legal Coaching After Posting A Bond

After an arrest, the most pressing thing on anyone's mind is getting out of jail. Luckily, several San Diego bail bond agencies can help you so you can wait for your next court date at home. When you do bond out of jail, it can be anywhere between a few days and a few weeks before your first court date.
This waiting period is often excruciating as you imagine the worst possible outcome. Walter Anderson said, “Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.”
Take action. Instead of spending this time worrying, spend it preparing for your first court date! In some cases, collecting information for the judge at arraignment may be a great use of your time. In others, gathering information for your attorney will help your case. Is there a class you can attend to show the court your commitment to taking responsible action? Or, if appropriate, you can look into a treatment facility.
It is hard to know what actions make sense for you and what would be the best use of your time. Gerstenzang Law is here to help you create an action plan to help you feel prepared for your first court date.

Legal Coaching For Active Warrants

What do you do when there is a warrant out for your arrest? Instead of hiding your head in the sand, there are actually many things you can do to help your chances of staying out of custody.

If you think you have a warrant in San Diego County, you can check the Sheriff's website HERE.

If you take care of your warrant voluntarily- rather than after being arrested on the warrant- you may increase your chances of staying out of jail. Gerstenzang Law can work with you to coach you through this process and explain the court procedure. In this way, you can handle the situation responsibly and strategically!

Legal Coaching For Families

The stress of a loved one in jail can reverberate throughout an entire family. Movies and media do nothing to curb fears about the horrors of being inside a jail or prison. It can be very painful feeling helpless to aid the person you love when they are in trouble.
Gerstenzang Law offers Legal Coaching to assist families in this time of need. If your family member is in jail awaiting their first court date, you will have questions. What is going to happen at the first court date? Could your loved one get out of jail? Is there anything you can do to help?
While each situation is different, there may be things family members can do to help someone in jail. This can be as simple as writing them an e-mail to show support or putting money on their books so he or she can call you. Sometimes, the action can make an even bigger impact. A letter from your loved one's employer might go a long way with the judge when setting bail. Recruiting family and friends to come to court may also impress the judge.
Gerstenzang Law is here to help you understand what is happening so you can feel informed. This will give you the knowledge and power to take purposeful and effective action.