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Legal coaching is a great solution:
"When I needed laser focus legal advice Jennifer helped provide the answers through her coaching service. If you are looking to get assistance from a legal professional w/o hiring a full priced attorney I highly recommend this approach. It's a great way to get exactly what you need."
A beacon of light in the darkness
"Being away from home, our daughter lost her way and got into legal trouble after graduating from college. It was a very dark time and we did not know where to turn. On the advice of a friend, we hired Jennifer Gerstenzang. Jennifer led 2 very frightened parents and their daughter down the path to legal redemption. Jennifer was always there to listen if we had questions.

At times, we forgot she was acting as our counsel, as she always showed great compassion and kindness, two things you don't always see in a lawyer. Jennifer had advised that our daughter seek counseling (which she did) and kept up with her progress as she turned her life around. The charges were dropped and I am proud to say that today our daughter is living a very happy and productive life.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Jennifer!"
Legal process consulting service - such an important part of it!
"When our daughter ran into some serious legal trouble, we did not know who to turn to our how to find the best representation for her. And we did not know to what extent we needed to go to make sure she was taken care of. A lawyer friend referred us to Jenny G, who has a service to guide people from arrest through the early parts of the legal process. Her clear advice really helped us know what to do next. I also appreciated that her advice was tailored to our daughter's specific predicament. Her guidance not only saved us time and money, but it eased our minds and helped us know what to do next in the process. I highly recommend Jennifer Gerstenzang to anyone in a similar situation."
Very informative for a family trying to help a mentally ill and chemically addicted brother
I paid Jennifer for an initial, one-hour, consulting session for legal advice pertaining to a legal matter specifically in San Diego, CA. Jennifer was very responsive and we arranged to have a video conference call because I am located in another state.

Jennifer provided more information and sound legal counseling in one hour than my family had received in the previous few years. We consulted specifically about my brother who is living homeless on the streets of San Diego. He is mentally ill and suffers from drug addiction. He is not compliant and frequently goes in and out of the county jail. We asked some specific questions about his legal rights, the rights of the family, how to navigate the public defender office, and discussion of my proposed actions to attempt to intervene with the inmate's legal situation. Jennifer was compassionate and she demonstrated her expert knowledge of the challenges of this situation. The session was a good value."
Juvenile justice
"Jennifer helped us tremendously in our difficult situation with our son by guiding us in the right direction for court proceedings which we were totally unfamiliar. She explained the details and help us navigate which eventually is so crucial in the overall mental wellbeing of a young child .Jennifer writes the details down, explains everything in simple understandable language and overall she shows a genuine care and concern for her clients. I would highly recommend her."
Compassionate to clients, Tough in the court room!
"If you are looking for a lawyer who is compassionate, thorough, who fights hard, does the extra, and will get the job done, Jennifer Gerstenzang is your lawyer."
the best
"I did something stupid that required a lawyer. I reached out to Jennifer and from the first phone call to the final resolution she was proactive, professional, compassionate and effective. Communication was exemplary and I did not have to pester to get replies. I would recommend Jennifer in a micro-second. I am extremely satisfied."
You won't find better
"I recently found myself in need of a criminal defense attorney, and didn't know where to start. Besides all the legal issues, I was scared to death of what might happen to me if not well represented. After researching a number of attorneys in my area, in firms both large and small, I came across a review on Jennifer Gerstenzang. What struck me about her other than her excellent legal abilities, were the comments that described her as a very caring individual. Five minutes into the initial consultation, I knew I hit the jackpot!

Jennifer was just who I was looking for. She immediately reassured me that things were not as bad as my imagination had led me to believe. She was warm, caring, compassionate, patient, and very very knowledgeable about my legal situation.

Throughout the entire process, Jennifer followed through with every detail, and kept me up to date. Her competency as an attorney yielded me the best outcome I could have hoped for.

My legal issue is now resolved, and I will always be grateful to Jennifer for her expertise, as well as treating me like family. I normally don't write reviews, but this woman deserves to be recognized. I fully and completely recommend Jennifer Gerstenzang for any criminal defense. She is a consummate professional, and one of the kindest people I've ever met."
March, 2016 Review:
"From the beginning to the end Jennifer made sure I understood the entire process, best and worst case scenarios, and what our options were. She is incredibly friendly, and everyone in the court system seems to know and love her. She's intelligent, hard-working, quick to get back to you, thorough, and incredibly kind - but don't be fooled, she comes well-prepared and determined to win. Jenny felt more like a friend by the end of my case than an attorney - so it was a win-win that she also helped save my future by fighting so hard for me! A pleasure to work with, and you really can't say that about many attorneys."
December, 2015 Review:
"Jennifer is a fighter who will not give up! She fought our case until we won! I can not express how great full I am with her and her work! She is very knowledge with the courts and the system. She talked me thru every court date we attended and never did I feel uncomfortable, unprepared or alone.

"I would never recommend to anyone someone I knew would not bring anything less than quality work, if ever needed of a lawyer again (pray I don't!) I will with out a doubt go to Jennifer again. She is someone who I have NOTHING but RESPECT for."
November, 2015 Review:
"Unfortunately, I've hired too many lawyers in the past 5 years, and Jennifer is the ONLY one who gets a 5 star rating from me. She is kind, compassionate and friendly, unlike many of the others. But, don't be fooled, she accomplished EVERYTHING we hired her for, she was aggressive and thorough and went back to court several times over just a few months, until the end goal was accomplished. She spent time with my husband and I and didn't treat us like a paycheck, she listened without looking at her watch, she fully prepared her arguments, she fought for our family (and won) and she kept us informed the whole journey. She was our shining light through dark times, and I would recommend her to any friends or family in need of an amazing lawyer."
September, 2015 Review:
"Jennifer Gerstenzang is simply one of the best attorney’s I have ever worked with in my 30 plus years in business. I hired Jennifer to represent my 17 year old son whom we believed had his fourth amendment right violated by the police. As the case involved a minor, I was prepared for a 30-minute hearing with my son receiving some type of community service work sentence and call it a day. To my surprise, that did not turn out to be the case. The prosecutor made a bigger deal of the charges than the event merited. The case went on for three and a half hours and became a constitutional law debate between the judge, prosecutor and Jennifer.

"She was simply brilliant and more prepared than the prosecutor. She cited case law as far back as 1969 to prove our point. In the end we prevailed and the charges were dropped resulting in the entire case being suppressed. Going into this case we gave ourselves a 1% chance of prevailing as the courts rarely go against police testimony. Jennifer is extremely intelligent, compassionate and driven to succeed. I highly recommend her in any personal law case that anyone may encounter."
August, 2015 Review:
"Jennifer has been the best attorney we have ever worked with. Jennifer not only deeply cares for her clients but goes above and beyond to fight for them. We are truly grateful for all her hard work to win our difficult case."
July, 2015 RevieW:
"Jennifer helped me get out of a difficult speeding ticket. She built a strong case and took the time needed to get us a win. One the best lawyers who does an amazing job following up and keeping in touch with her clients all through the process. She always goes the extra mile for example even in talking to the officer before trial and collecting city documents including following up with city engineers and anything else needed to get all the facts and be better prepared for our case.

"Thank you Jennifer for all you amazing efforts."

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